ExistenceRP Community Rules


    General Rules


    We demand all of our members to be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times.


    All of our members are to be 16 and older.

    You are not allowed to harass, troll or provoke other ExistenceRP players. This goes for only services under the community name (Forums, Social media, Team Speak, etc) through ExistenceRP services.

    You are not allowed to spam (Do not spam threads with irrelevant responses), advertise (only with permission), search for vulnerabilities, exploit bugs or otherwise disrupt functionality of any services related to ExistenceRP.

    All forum posts must keep a high standard and add a constructive and meaningful opinion that contributes to the thread at hand. Examples of non-constructive and non-contributing replies are simple and meaningless expressions like "lol", jokes, memes, banter or replies containing only pictures, gifs or other unrelated media.


    Certain forum sections, such as report or ban appeal forums, will have special outlined rules in the respective thread that you have to follow. Make sure to follow these rules in place and/or in addition to our general rules.

    You must use your website username on our TeamSpeak server at all times.


    User profiles, songs, pictures, or signatures may not reflect poorly on the community, other community members, or the staff team. If done, you may be punished.

    If you come into contact with banned players, please report them to a staff member. Harboring a banned player may lead to you being punished and/or permanently removed from ExistenceRP.


    We cannot and will not use evidence obtained from outside of Existence RP services (Third-party VOIP programs, Steam messages, Slack chats, etc.) This does not apply in the case of serious offenses such as altering the game/hacking/duping/harboring hacking/underaged players.


    Lying in a report or any other formal area of the forums (Ban Appeals, applications, etc.) will void the report if you are pursuing it, and have you punished depending on severity.


    Soundboards are not allowed in public channels.


    Glorifying or harbouring permanently banned players (for example, a permanently banned player who has created an alternate account) will result in punishment or permanent removal based on severity.



    Organic Roleplay


    Organic roleplay is an immersive style of RP. It promotes the characters freedom of choice and tests your morality in many different decisions. There are no rules on initiations but there will evermore be consequences for your actions. Roleplay will be unpredictable and keep you on your toes. Choose who you trust wisely.


    In game rules:


    Kill on Sight


    KoS is the act of killing another character who you have not met in-character without interacting with them in some way before initiating hostilities. For example, Person A would not be able to shoot Person B from hundreds of yards away if he’s never met that person before this would be considered KoS. This does not apply for factions and groups that might be at war; only if you can positively ID your target.


    KoS is a very serious offense.




    Metagaming is the action of taking information found out of character and using it to benefit your character directly. This can be through screenshots, videos, livestreams, and other sources. Remember that metagaming is a serious offense.




    Powergaming is forcing an action, condition, or belief upon another player’s character beyond what the game mechanics allow (Ie: Burning a building and attempting to convince other players it doesn’t exist.) Although the server allows torture and permanent scarring of other characters scarring must abide by the community rules and must be done realistically. Hurting a in a way that would inhibit the use of the character (Ie: Removal of a limb or tongue) must be done with the consent of the other play (//permission to remove hand? //yes/no) torture against community rules can result in a ban for Troll/BadRP.




    No Value For Life, or NVFL, is performing an action that would not value the life of your character (Ie: fighting when you are heavily outnumbered). You must roleplay your character realistically and value their life at all times. Make wise decisions if you receive a NVFL penalty your character will be killed permanently.




    NLR, otherwise known as New Life Rule, is a set of guidelines used to enforce the death of a character in game. If you die to any reason besides a glitch, you must stay 1 km away from the area you died for 30 minutes.

    If your character dies because of a gunshot wound, stabbing, or beating you must roleplay an injury to your character and cannot rejoin your group for 1 hour. This is to realistically imply that your character is heavily injured and is requiring medical attention to get him back to strength. In other words pick fights you can win. 

    You can fully remember the events leading up to your death.




    This is the act of permanently killing off a character and therefore vowing to never return to that character again.

    Permadeath is forced if your character takes place in a public execution (shot, stabbed, beaten to death with at least 3 witnesses.)

    If you are caught playing a permadeathed character you will be warned followed by points being issued if you are to continue.




    Executions can be taken 2 ways; Private and Public.

    Public: At least 3 witnesses are around to see the execution thus resulting in a permanent death of that character.

    Private: Could be a 1 on 1 interaction but keep in mind the character can come back roleplaying a heavy injury from it.

    Executions can not take place unless other hostile interactions have led up to them. Although it's highly up to the character how many interactions it may take keep in mind that executions can have great in character consequences to follow them.

    You cannot execute a character because he is part of a group that has had interaction with you. Executions are strictly based on character to character interaction.




    We do not allow 3rd party communication services. All players are to be in the designated TFAR channel while playing on our servers. No Skype, Discord, alternate TeamSpeak, or other text or voice programs should be used while on our servers.


    Combat Logging and Ghosting


    If found in a combat situation you are not allowed to log out during it.

    You must wait at least 30 min after a hostile interaction to log out unless you receive distinct permission from the other parties involved.
    Ghosting is where you log in within a situation to provide an advantage to another party. You may not log in during a firefight. Wait until the situation has resolved and then log in after.


    Roleplay Rules


    You must be in character at all times while playing on our servers.

    Roleplay must abide by the Twitch and YouTube ToS: No hate speech, rape, or gratuitous use of derogatory terms will be permitted.

    Your character must have a character page on our forums to be used in game (No throwaway characters)

    Your character can not use the same backstory as a permakilled character.

    Roleplay should be serious and realistic at all times.

    You must provide roleplay to all hostages taken. Not doing so could result in a BadRP ban.

    To shelf or “put to sleep” a character you must ask for permission from the admins. This is to prevent players from avoiding consequences for the actions they have taken by playing another character.

    Staff reserves the right to add, remove, or alter any rules at any times. Rules are subject to change. Staff also reserves the right to escalate any rule break by issuing more points or a longer ban sentence. Reports will be handled on a case by case basis. Finally, what is not covered in the rules can still be punished if deemed worth by the Administrator Team.