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  2. Artyom Nezikov Jimmy Character Information SONG Alias: Patsany Status: Alive Mentality: Collected Morale: High Date of birth: 3rd January 1990 Place of birth: Kharkiv, Ukraine Nationality: Ukranian Ethnicity: Eastern European Languages: Ukranian, Russian, English Religion: Eastern Orthodox Family: His Comrades Description Height: 6ft Weight: 185 Build: Muscular Hair: Short and Black Eyes: Green Features: Girlfriend name tattoo'd on his hand Equipment: Gear, Gun, Cigarettes Alignment: Neutral Affiliation: Berkut Background Artyom was born in the city of Kharkiv. His family was not too well with fortune as they were raised on the border between Russia and Ukraine. As a kid Artyom witnessed the struggle. His father was apart of the Ukranian Army, and his mother a school teacher. Artyom's father died in 2001 during the insurgency of Macedonia. Every night Artyom would eat what food his mother could provide. Her stomach growled, and tears rolled down her eyes. Artyom was saddened, he felt powerless. His mother starved herself just so he could eat, so he could have a future. Artyom split his loaf of bread and handed it to his mother. Wiping the tear from her eye, he stood up firm and told her one day she would no longer need to worry about starving or money ever again. I will find a way. His mother smiled, and hugged him tightly. At the age of 18, Artyom joined the military following his fathers footsteps. After 4 years of service, he withdrew and joined the local police force. His military experience was enough to promote him into the Ministry of Interior Affairs specialized unit, Berkut. There he met his new comrades and Major Sergei Charkov. After the infection spread, the bombs began dropping, Artyom began crying. he remembered that time where he and his mother had nothing but bread to eat, and he promised her a better future. "I failed you mama". Wiping the tear from his eye, he stood up just like he did as a kid. He grabbed his AK and his bag. With new found confidence, Artyom strapped on his helmet. "I have not failed you, not yet. I will rid this plague and restore our homeland, or I will die trying."
  3. *After a long hike around the island, Artyom spots a large tree stump. Someone probably cut this tree down recently, he thought. It made for a fine seat. He dropped his bag, and layed down his rifle. While in the mist of sparking a bent cigarette, his radio begins popping off. After hearing the back and forth, he decides to chime in, cigarette still in mouth* "Що, чорт, ти про це говориш? Я не знаю про тебе Але я думаю, що час для вас покинути Ви, здається, трохи нестійкі Я знаю хорошого лікаря" *He begins to chuckle a bit before replying in what English he knows* "Be mindful of who you threaten, never know who it might be" *The radio cuts*

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  5. When Deadplex announced his first two lizard princes 


  6. Finna hit a lick right quick


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      some goblin shit

  7. fake news
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  9. T making moves or nah!?

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  10. might as well try it out. Bet you will get better RP on the forums then in game
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  12. MFW @Cipher tries to moderate a conversation between guys who have been friends for 5 years



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      looked like you were flaming a man to me.

      but if you guys are cool, carry on i suppose

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