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  1. DHTh3_vUAAAVPPz.jpg:largethis really how we bummin

  2. Im gonna do 22 spits 

  3. Honor is a fool's prize. Glory is of no use to the dead.

    1. CUDA


      Far above, far below. We don’t know where we’ll fall. Far above, far below. What once was great is rendered small.

  4. On the latter day of yesteryear taken from a tall tree in The Meadow of Lacostontropy. That is what he seeks.

  5. stay safe

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    2. CUDA


      keep it the only one whomst could take it has perished in the cacophony.

    3. Riggsee


      That was poetic AF.

    4. Cipher


      dying on this shit

  6. Nice song 7/10
  7. DHFAQn8UIAAQUuu.jpg:large

    1. Jcastle22


      Nice self picture cuda. Really looks like you've been putting in work.

  8. they freed my son

    and big baller brand shoes will be in 2k18

    u know how we rocking

  9. i like that song
  10. 4/10