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  1. Tried a Native American and the Irish and lost both times, sounds like me irl tbh Nah I think running over @FlyboyMSB563 was when I realised
  2. Wait is this rabbit or Liam? I'm confused
  3. I wondered who was flying around the NRC place Good stuff mate
  4. *As Mark leaves the bar he had been sleeping in his radio bursts to life again with Finn's reply. Realising he was right he would mutter to himself "What the fuck has she done now" as he takes the radio from his vest into his hands. He would sigh heavily and attempt not to sound angry as he replies* "Aye... I'm on my way over now" "I appreciate you helping her out, I'll be sure to repay any medical supplies expended" *He would pause for a second, hoping he sounds convincing* "See ya soon" *He releases the PTT and clips the radio back onto his vest. Knowing full well he would be surrounded when he reaches the bar he loads a new magazine into his pistol and slides it into the back of his jeans as he throws his rifle over his shoulder, planning to go in unarmed*
  5. Well last night was pretty lit. Cheers to everyone there, from the NRC guys to the Sepratists and everyone else. Brilliant to see everyone so enthusiastic, let's keep it going
  6. *Mark wakes up to the sound of his name on the radio. Glancing over he would notice her struggle to speak and sit up, grabbing the radio and responding quickly* "Nora... Nora! Where are you" *he would pause for a moment as he quickly climbs out of bed and begins walking over to the table. Assuming the radio had been taken from her he speaks again as if speaking to whoever took her* "If you're listening, fucking Irish wankers I swear to god... if you lay a fucking hand on her I will end you, every single one of you" *he reaches the table and grabs his rifle, checking the magazine and chamber before strapping on his vest. He would look back to the radio and transmit one more time* "One chance... where are you?" *he releases the PTT and straps his radio to his vest, grabbing his secondary one and using it to contact the boys, knowing full well that it's unlikely any would help anyway*
  7. *Mark lays in bed, his arm around Nora as she sleeps beside him. He would hear the radio go off beside them and reach over to turn it down quickly. Taking it into his hand he would look round to see if she had woken up. She hadn't, and with a slight sigh of relief he would turn his attention back to Gaz's message, pushing the PTT and speaking quietly so as not to wake her* "Gary... you fucking idiot" *He would sigh heavily* "Yes. You're right... Nothing happened before you broke it off with her, I promise that..." "If you got a problem with it you come to me, not to her. You've already hurt her enough" *He would release the PTT and look round to her. Knowing that she is still asleep he would place the radio back on the side, keeping the volume on low just in-case he shouts a response to him like he predicted he will. He would make himself comfortable once again and stare up at the ceiling, staying awake as if waiting for a reply he wasn't even sure he would get*
  8. *Mark sits up on the bed and looks over to Nora. He had calmed her down slightly but she still seemed lost as she stared in the fire from the armchair across the room. Broken, again. Mark's mind was racing at this point. He thought back to before the war, the day him and Gary had the BBQ with their families on the day before shipping out to Germany. He would remember their close escape from the Russians. He would remember the look they both shared inside that Chinook when the reports came in of nukes being launched* "Revenge?" *He thought back to the message once more. Revenge, helping people. He reaches down from the bed and grabs the radio which had fallen to the floor. Gripping the PTT with a growing anger as he speaks into it* "Revenge.... REVENGE? The fuck are you talking about Gaz... *Nora would look up to him as he almost shouts into the radio. He would share a look with her for a moment before continuing* "Who the fuck are you helping Gaz? CAUSE YOU SURE AS HELL AREN'T HELPING US" "WE NEEDED YOU HERE GAZ! WE DIDN'T NEED YOU HANDING YOURSELF INTO THE HORDE ACTING LIKE THE FUCKING HERO... I told you... not to do it, and you fucking did it anyway" *He would look past the radio to the hand he was holding it in. The bandage was still wrapped around it from the fight they had the day before he had been taken. The day that Mark had given up on Gary ever getting away from his suicidal thoughts. He brings the radio back up to his mouth again and speaks harshly into it once more* "You're still dead to me" *He releases the PTT and looks up to Nora, noticing her tears appearing once again as the confusion of emotions took over her again. Being the lowkey scumbag that he is, Mark would walk over to comfort her once again. The woman who Gaz sacrificed himself for* @Joseph @Teigen
  9. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! It was me, Nayman and Deputy's first proper go at running events and keeping things happening with Zeus without the help of the pro's like Blitz. Hopefully we will only get better at it and keep the content fresh and interesting for you. And yeah, @Riggsee is fuckin terrifying and had it out for me from the beginning which is great....
  10. Vice forgot our password

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      All because you broke the server

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      Many mistakes were made this evening.

  11. hello sir

    what did yuo do to the server

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