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  1. -snip- forgot i actually posted on phone earlier
  2. *markus would quickly pick up his radio and answer* "what is there to know about, i dont even know what the two are doing, mostly been going by myself the whole time you have been gone" *he pauses* "Nora seems to avoid me due to holding her back, tho it was to her best not letting those savages abuse her in the worst ways, Mark, well mark an i have had our discussions while you were gone while looking for you, about if youre alive or dead, and the worst case scenario, where to move on after you were gone" *he sighs* "met them few days ago tho, they seem to keep their spirit up together, what they do, i dont know, at least they are able to keep themself sane and in a straight path after the fact you were taken away by the horde. Dude they spent several days searching for you, we all did, honestly we all though you were gone. they went one way staying safe together until they were strong enough to encounter the bad feelings, same did i. tho ive been for myself, looking after you, almost getting myself killed doing it. Nora and Mark, they are tight yes, she was your girl, he was your brother, the two that knew you the best, the one thing in common" *he would take a break and find a chair to sit down into* "brother, what they do down to a personal level is beyond my knowledge, i just know they spen much of their time together, honestly i dont know whats even going on withing SOG anymore since it seems like all is gone while im still holding tight to what we have" *the transmission goes silent*
  3. *Markus would use some time calming himself down before searching for the radio he threw away. With no luck of seeing it he hear Gaz voice and walks over to find the radio. He would answer* "I would die with my brothers rather throwing one to the wolf's" *he would lower his hand with the radio for a second before talking again* "he better be back Nora. To many questions needs to be answered. And we don't have the strength of a group anymore" *Pauses* "if there weren't for that I saw this prick as a brother I would have ended it myself. Tho it pisses me off that he did what he did. Get your ass back now fast. We don't have time for the revenge now. Get to the safe house we meet you there. Revenge can wait until we are all together on it. We all want to kill the horde as much as you" * He would clip the radio to his West. Without noticing the radio was on he mumbles "fucking selfish asshole" before it goes silent*
  4. "Markus would follow up fast after Mark finished his speech, he would think back to the days when the guys met during training for sas and different experiences the past months" *I can't believe you abandoned what we stood for. We fight and die by each other side not sacrificing our self to these savages. Everyone have been looking for you, myself started to loose faith and stopped. Who gave you the rights to take a choice to do what you did" "He would take a deep breath before continuing" *We thought you were dead. We looked after you. Nothing were to be found. All lost the faith and hoped that your death came fast when they took you away. Now I hear you I doubt your leadership. No leader leaves their men behind* " He pauses" *Now you speak of taking revenge. Are you fucking kidding me. You and what army. One man against many. Have you gotten insane. What about those you left. We need as much help here as we can get" "He would throw away the radio still broadcasting. A scream in the distance could be heard" *this is suicide. Hope you die fast. Fucking idiot. I almost died in the search after you*
  5. the bossman vice forgot it

  6. Updated the backstorr to fit better with the lore
  7. not the issue, its all up to date
  8. OK so this is the deal last night i were supposed to attend to the NRC event, and as usual starting the game as ive always done, finding the server trough the game launcher and setting up mods trough it( i even have mods checked in the mod list beside of that too) so now to the deal, while IG i can hear everyting related to the game, ambient sound and stuff, ive also got to mention i can hear and talk to people on TS. now my issues is that i cant hear anyone else talking IG but people can hear me, my radio is working, @Ryan could hear me speak clearly trough that and in nearby voice but i could not hear any voices at all on radio or nearby ones before i move on ive to mention 1: yes TFR is available, as mentioned i can use the radio IG people hear me there but i cant hear anyone over it 2: yes ive put the correct speakers/hedset for TS 3: NO im not muted, once again @Ryan could see that i was not muted on sound, i even talked to @Lyaria few minutes before getting changed over to TFR channel, no changes were done during that time, i could clrerly hear her over ts 4: restarted both arma and Ts/tfr at least 10 times as many could se me leave and enter last night 5:gamefiles validated 6:runned Repair on TFR in the launcher still not working, even unchecked it on TS and enabled it again 7:fully restarted my computer 8:no one is muted by me, both IG or TS 9:its like a week since i were last on IG is there anyone that knows how to fix this problem with not hearing anyone talk IG
  9. *scarecrow would have his radio next to hun as hes sleeping. He woild Wake up to the voices. He would scream "hello" before realizing it was his radio making the sound. He would pick it up and answer* "as the lady said who the fuck are you. Don't fuck around on the radio. We don't have enough time for any bullshit at the moment speak out or change frequency" *after a little time again he would hear a more familiar voice and respond* "Wait Neon! Neon is that you? Where the fuck have you been the past weeks. We have wondered where the hell you have walked off too. Thought you had died to be honest. We tried to look after you with not much of results. Wherebare you now. We will meet you on the halfway. Don't die before we get there" *he would put clip the radio onto his vest. Waiting for a new response*