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  1. That was some 10/10 rp.
  2. @Storm Yes! Very sorry my savior!
  3. Yesterday was my first event that I have experienced in the server and it was fantastic. Props to the staff team for making such a great event. Also props to @Ryan @Riggsee @Lyaria for the great roleplay. Hope to continue this as my character grows.
  4. OMG I totally forgot about this song! This shit had me rolling.
  5. Character Information Alias: Bryan Status: Alive Mentality: Sane....or what's left of sane. Morale: Confused Date of birth: 9/18/1997 Place of birth: Temple, Texas Nationality: American Ethnicity: White Languages: English Religion: Christian Description Height: 6'2 Weight: 195 Build: Lean Hair: Dark Brown, Ruffled hair, Not really a style Eyes: Blue Features: Bryan has somewhat of a baby face, no facial hair. Freckles on his face. Darker skin, resembling a tan. Lean physic with larger arms. Equipment: Wearing black jeans with a black button up shirt. Also wearing dark work boots. Usually wearing a hat and sunglasses. Affiliation: Childhood friend's with Richard Wolf. Background Bryan was a small town farm boy located in the southern tip of Texas. He spent most of his life helping his family with crops and tending to the animals. During his youth his father had taught him very useful survival skills and Bryan learned to live off the land. Every month or so Bryan and his father would go deep into the woods and stay there for weeks on end. This was done to further improve Bryan's survival skills and make him one with nature. His father was also a huge gun man. His father has served in the military prior to Bryan's birth, this gave Bryan a living Marksman to learn from. His father took him out in the fields and made his marksmanship improve over time. Bryan wasn't a crack shot, but he could hold his own. He entered a couple of gun tournaments and fought with the best. There was a boy who had lived in a farm a couple of miles down the road. His name was Richard. His family also owned a farm and he did most of the same things Bryan had done. He tended to the crops and animals, and did his chores as well. They were friend's throughout their youth and high school. During his teen years, Bryan's father had a huge break and got offered money to start his own joint European farming company. Since this was a joint Euro company he was required to purchase a plot of land in Europe. His father had not been to Europe before so he did some research on an Area in Northern Ukraine called Esseker. There was a flat area of land that looked perfect for spring crops and giving local farmers work. Bryan and Richard grew up as fast as ever, they graduated high school and were ready to go into the work force. Although, Bryan's love was for the farm, Richards love was for the world and Richard said a heartfelt goodbye has he joined the military. Bryan has asked his father if he could work in his company and his father was never happier. His father had one day planned to give the company over to Bryan, to make his life easier and more full. Since his father has purchased land in Esseker, his company was booming, the crops were growing perfectly and he was rising up the market for farming companies. By this time, Bryan has been well aware of what each job's purpose in his father's company. One of the job's Bryan wanted was a transporter. These men went over to Europe to collect the crops and pay the local farmers their due. Bryan had pried for the job for many years but his father would not let him go into a foreign country. Bryan and his father rarely watched TV but when they did, it was to learn News about the world. They knew about the small "war" between the United States and Russia but did not pay much attention to it. One day, on a weekend in May. It was the start of a hot summer, Bryan had been hoping his dad would let him be a Transporter this year. Bryan had got news that the usual transporter crew was sick. They had been sick for a long time, so his father was panicking to get workers to fit the spot. He had four workers and needed one more. He turned to his son, which he knew was ready but did not want to let him go. Bryan accepted immediately, his father told him to come home safe and as soon as possible. Bryan took this into account. When Bryan landed in Ukraine, he was blown away. Battered wastelands and the smell of war. This is not what he expected. When he arrived in the farming spot in Esseker, he was not pleased. All of the workers had vanished and the crops were ruined. He went to the village where the farmers usually stay to find an old man herding his family to safety. The farmer luckily spoke some english and managed to get out "Bomb"....."Not Safe Here" He rushed Bryan the the rest of the crew to an abandoned military bunker underground. Bryan was confused and wanted to know why it wasn't safe. Then the first canister of Akula dropped and it was nothing but silence. They stayed in the bunker for 48 hours after the canister drops. When they came out, all the saw was nothing but broken homes and infected refugees. Bryan did not know what was going to happen, but he knew, he wasn't going to be returning home.