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  1. wazzzaaaaaauuup
  2. Suuuure, bud, sure. We'll see in-game if that still holds up >=]
  3. Every forums I go to with this name always misspells or reads my name wrong in the first 2 months. I know from experience.
  4. @Ahab Misspelled Name Score: I've lost count xD Thanks for the introductions
  5. @Ahab I know this man and dragged me here to join his Canoe Club to fish some shrimps
  6. "Viper prior to his Disappearance, circa 2021" Character Name: Cody Irwin Forum Name: Spyper Character Information Alias: Viper Status: Alive Mentality: Sane Morale: High Date of birth: September 9, 1987 Place of birth: Perth, Australia Nationality: Australian Ethnicity: Caucasian Languages: English, French, Pashtun Religion: Atheist Description Height: 5'11 Weight: 211 lbs Build: Athletic Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Features: None Equipment: Bowie Knife, a Altimeter, a Watch, SPIE Harness Affiliation: ADF 6th Brigade; 1st Intelligence Battalion (Former), Special Air Service Regiment (Transferred, Former), Australian Secret Intelligence Service (Transferred, Former; Presumed MIA) Background Born in Perth, Australia. Irwin was an Earnest individual with a keen mind and perspective for his age, yet was carefree in his youth. By the time he reached high school he has a certain fondness for studying history and the military, alongside his dedication to his school's athletics and academics. After his graduation he was urged by one of his school teachers to pursue an athletic outlook, but turned down his offer and instead went to the Duntroon Royal Military College in Canberra, Australia. There he excelled at his OTC and received the Queen's medal and the Sword of Honor. This earned him a position as a Field Officer for the ADF's 1st Intelligence Battalion. From there he was deployed to Multiple countries in the middle east and North Africa, such as Afghanistan, Syria, Benghazi and the Iran/Iraq Border to name a few. One of his exploits was in Iraq, when he was assigned to assist American and British Sniper Teams in locating and hunting down OpFor Snipers in Urban Environments. He was to report to on-station HUMINT sites to collect information on Regular Sniping Perches, when his Squad was hit by a Mortar Strike. He survived the blast alongside a Marksman, with most of his men being killed by the explosion or shrapnel. He and his marksman went rooftop to rooftop in the middle of the night, listening where the location of the mortar fire came from. Once he found out the location of the Mortar Site, he ordered his fellow Marksman to fire at the moment before the next mortar round is being loaded in the emplacement while Cody destroys the Mortar Munitions Cache. They were successful in destroying the emplacements, however they attracted the attention of an Enemy Sniper. They went into the apartment complex to avoid getting shot and Cody instructed his Marksman to take out the sniper while he lures him out by running to the direction of the shot and to close in on the sniper's general direction. He was injured in the process and lost his weapon during his run, but he managed to locate the sniper's exact location for his Marksman to pin him down. Instead of solely relying on his Marksman's skill, he instead took matters in his own hands and took down the sniper with his Bowie Knife. Afterwards, he returned to his squadmate's position and both of them came back to relay information back to base. His exploits and the account of his squad member was noticed by his Commanders and he was given the moniker "Viper". A few more years in service to the Intelligence Battalion, he was given a Transfer to the Australian SASR from his previous actions in the field. He was given a few more assignments in the Pacific, encountering and taking out a notorious Kidnapping Ring in Thailand and Burma. He was promptly moved to ASIS initially as an On-loan Field Agent as part of a Military Intelligence Agent Program, but with his track record ASIS wanted him in the agency permanently. He provided HUMINT and SIGINT support to the ADF and NATO Forces operating in Afghanistan and Syria as well as collect information about the Akula Bioweapon in Chernarus and document its lethality. After the Outbreak he was assigned to Esseker to retrieve documents pertaining to the outbreaks effect on the populace. He was inserted via HALO drop but lost contact with him ever since he deployed his chute. He is assumed KIA and full deniability has been emplaced. His family will be compensated and his actions fully accounted for. "I joined the agency to make sure my friends in the Military make it back home to their family, not to be assigned to find a virus so they can make their own 'Perfect' little deterrent. When I come back home I'll make sure they'll get what they want, just not what they expect . . ."