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  1. 12/10
  2. Took a little while to make this one ^ (The ones in the spoilers have a little logo i made) Edited one of @Ahab's pictures Also glitched out my signature
  3. I open the media area for like 5 minutes, go back to the main forums page, and everything is moved around

    1. Brent


      Trying to do some behind the scenes work right now to make the forums more A E S T H E T I C A L L Y pleasing.

  4. 3/10
  5. 6/10, weird highlights, can see some pixels
  6. 6685cc608c4df671f773186d165ca48c.png


    This shit is rigged

  7. I guess its a good thing that the first one is my wallpaper then
  8. Imma just throw some of my media in here for people to look at I hope people like it (I will add more stuff as I make it)
  9. *Has free time* *Could be doing work that needs to be done*
    "Hey let me just learn how to do stuff on Photoshop so I can be cool."



    1. Cipher


      jesus christ

  10. When you see he has Tyler, The Creator as his cover photo :13:


  11. I turn my phone off for 20 minutes, turn it back on, then the forums are all wonked out.

    Am I dreaming or have I finally gone insane

    1. Cipher


      You aren't dreaming. Our shit is kinda fucked and will be for a couple of hours. 

    2. RetroFlame


      Well zoinks Scoob

  12. Its not Macho Man Randy Savage 1/10
  13. 5/10 I don't get it