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  1. Thanks man and yeah, been looking around to see if there was any way of hiding the interface and status bars, gonna see what I can do about croping next time I take more shots
  2. Cheers Matt, hopefully I can keep this topic alive and up-to-date
  3. Some more pics from today's journey Visiting the Military Complex: A stroll through the woods: Taking in the view:
  4. Should have seen me trying to land it, lucky I didn't die. Cheers Ryan
  5. ah fuck it......48
  6. Made this to post some screenshots I take In-Game To start off, here's a good few from today's flight in a UH1H-Huey NRC Settlement (at least I think it is): Airfield: Remnants Settlement in Old Esseker:
  7. So I subscribed and installed TFAR for both Arma and TS correctly. I know that Its working on TeamSpeak because it has "Task Force Radio Status (0.9.12):Connected N Play N P:0.9.12 A: 0.9.12" on my TS profile but I'm not so sure about in the server because when I loaded in, it does send me to the TaskForceRadio channel but In-Game it pops up "No Task Force Radio Deployed on Server" in the middle and top right hand corner of the interface, I can't speak through radio, can't get the radio interface up (SW and LW) and on TS it also showed people with the "Local Muted" next to their names which I'm not sure if that's supposed to happen but yeah I can't use it and I sure as hell can't hear anyone from it. Is there anyway at all this can be fixed? there shouldn't be any mods interfering with it cos I load in-game with only the required mods for the server so it can't be other mods, a fix to this would be much appreciated, thank you.
  8. Sup

    Welcome mate!