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  1. The mod adds tons the vests he is talking about there is only three of them
  2. Wouldnt be worth it for just the 3 vests
  3. No problem my dude
  4. Purchased the recent humble bundle and it came with saints row game i already have. So here are the keys. First come first serve. These are steam keys Saints Row 2 CVARX-WT5IV-ZFL5Q Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell 6ZBM7-7P858-H9LHC Saints Row: IV Game of the Century 4MD3C-VKLF9-JVTL8 Saints Row the Third - The Full Package 4BFQX-9MYKL-K8C7M PLEASE ONLY USE 1!!! SAVE SOME FOR OTHER PEOPLE!
  5. Time and time again since the last update I have been looting only to have a zombie walk through the walls of the building and literally RKO my ass. 1 hit and bam dead. I think it should be lowered so that there is atleast a fighting chance to defend against ghost zombies
  6. If you go onto multiple forums discussions regarding TRYK on the interwebs you would know this question has been asked a million times. And the devs of the mod stated they are there for looks and not for functionality.
  7. Welcome comrade!
  8. [Danny GwaTeeT] [GwaTeeT] Character Information Alias: TBD Status: Active Mentality: Sane Morale: Very High Date of birth: 08/27/1994 Place of birth: Nashu, New Hampshire Nationality: American Ethnicity: Caucasian Languages: English Religion: Atheist Description Height: 6' 11'' Weight: 200 Lbs Build: Slim and Fit Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Features: -Tattoo on Right upper arm with a gravestone with the date June 13th 2013 and the initials D.G. Sr. on it. Equipment: -M4a1 with EOTech and Foregrip- Affiliation: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Background Danny GwaTeeT was born in the city of Nashua, New Hampshire on the morning of August 27th 1994. He grew up in a middle class household with his sister, mother and father. Danny attended public schools till he was offered admission into a technical high school out in Massachusetts. Wanting to change up his life and not wanting to sit around in classes all day and wanting to learn a trade he decided to attend. For 4 years he studied Computer Aided Drafting and Design at the school where he graduating with flying colors and highest honors. It was at this time He wondered what he was going to do with his life. His mother and father wanted him to pursue his trade in CAD but he was unsure of this as he did not find it interesting and was burnt out from it. 2 days after his graduation he was watching the news where he saw a broadcast of ATF agents raiding a house arresting a bunch of gang members and seizing thousands of dollars worth of weapons and ammunition. He thought it was the coolest thing and at that moment he knew he wanted to pursue a career in criminal justice. After scouting for colleges where he could potentially go and after getting many acceptance letters from some of the most prestigious schools in the area Danny realized something. How was he going to pay for all these schools. After many weeks contemplating he settled for going to community college for 4 years and obtained his bachelors in criminal justice. While going through college Danny was approached by the ATF after applying for an internship but after seeing how well he performed in school they wanted him to sign a contract instead. They would pay for his schooling if he came to work for the ATF after school. Danny's dream came true he was going to work in law enforcement. 1 more year past and Danny had graduated and went off to complete his training to join the ATF. It was a long and hard process but he persevered and powered through the training. At this time tensions had been brewing in the East as Russia and Europe were having political clashes and ontop of that the situation in the Middle East wasn't doing well either. Then it happened Russia slowly started creeping into European territory as far as they could without drawing to much attention. Many months went on and the quiet annexation of some territories turned into an all out World war. With many western countries now on the front line with Russia and holding the line, Russia was looking for a way to turn the tide. Danny was at work one day training with the Special Response Team when the breaking news headlines started. Unconfirmed reports started surfacing that Russia had released some sort of chemical Agent. Many more months went on and with Russia gaining the upper hand in Europe and the US started to evac civilians to an island in the Baltic Sea. With the ever increasing number of civilians pouring into the island departments such as the DEA, CIA, ATF and other smaller agencies deployed teams to the island to combat the trade and sale of illegal items such as explosives, narcotics, and weapons. Thats when Danny got the call, he was being sent over to Isla Abramia along with 20 other agents to assist local agencies in keeping the peace. -MORE TO COME SOON- Please send any constructive criticism or any holes you see in my story. I am still working on dates this is just my first rough draft. I need feedback on how to improve it. More infor will be added about the events on Isla Abramia and Esseker as i organize my thoughts.
  9. One thing staff could try is reaching out to all the smaller rp communities if there are any and try to convince them to come over here. So everyone is in one place
  10. To be fair though in regards to what you said. Call me a nerd but I have a dual point sling in my gun for airsoft and when I have it sling on my back over my LBT minimap it is very easy to move to the front into a firing position.
  11. I agree a lot with what Ryan said and want to touch on a part of what was mentioned, and that is the events. Although our community is pretty sizeable compared to most we are still in the infancy of the server. That being said until we have a constant number of people in the server there needs to be something in the server that draws people in. The day of the last event there were a bunch of people in the server because there was something to look forward to and everyone knew where to be at what time. I think that there should be more events to keep people playing while the numbers are still low. The different groups should also make it an effort to interact whether it be good or bad as much as possible to keep things spicy and new. Everyone should also message their moms dads nans and uncles and tell them to get in the server and play whether it be for 1 hour or 8 hours. The more the server is populated the more people will see and be attracted to it.
  12. Even the Dev's of Desolation have said that they want ammo to be hard to find, although anyone can change this it kind of adds to the survival factor. In the end it makes you smart about who you want to get into an engagment with, it also forces you to play smart and not have a run and gun mentality. Anyways onto the loot tables. I think that there are to many high end military weapons spawning. I feel like it should be reduced to half. Kind of immersion breaking when you can go to 1 military base and fill a car up with FAL's and AK's. Maybe reduce the amount of Mil weapons and increase ammo with civ weapons. Also make more Non-Military pistols spawn, more 1911's less Tec-9's.
  13. Me being the dumb person i am accidentaly bought 2 copies of Diablo 3 rather than 1 copy and the first expansion that being said if anybody wants the game that doesnt have it let me know and i will send the key for it. Only request the game if you know you are going to play it. Don't want to waste the key on someone who will play it for 5 min rather than someone who will play it for 5 months.
  14. Ast the title says, at the moment there isnt an easy place to get the current and updated modlist. Maybe put it under rescources
  15. Yes i found it 5 min before i posted the pics