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  1. [Chris "BUBBLE'S Henry] [Bubble's] Character Information Alias:Bubble's Status:Alive Mentality:Easily Angered/Very Friendly (Somewhat BI-POLAR) Morale:Very High Date of birth: 1980 Place of birth:Canada,Bc Nationality:Canadian Ethnicity:White Languages:English Religion:Christian Description Height:5'11 Weight: 235 Build: Bulky Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Features: BIG Glasses/Goggles Equipment: Med Supplys Affiliation: Ravenwood Background Chris Henry, His company called him Bubbles since he always wore Combat Goggles that made him look like Bubbles from trailer park boys. Long before the akula outbreak Chris was a Registered Nurse, He made a good living, Even had a nice Car. But a person can only handle so much of a stale lifestyle even if the money is good.Chris eventually got hired on by private military as a combat medic. 2 tours to Iraq and 1 to Pakistan doing variety of missions. Some combat some simple escorts to rich people.Eventually the Russians dropped the Akula Virus and rich family’s in the ukraine were looking for protection, Money wasn’t a issue to them. Chris traveled to the Ukraine with his company doing simple protection bunkered down in big compounds but it wasn’t long till government collapse came.Currency no longer existed, It was survival of the fittest.
  2. Update: It's been over 12 hours and.im not perma deathed
  3. I'll be pushing your buttons in game don't you worry private;)
  4. Thanks I'm trying my best. You should actually play on the server sometime and we could Rp:)
  5. Terry Mac [Bubbles] Character Information Alias: Scary Terry Status: Alive and Just sendin it. Mentality: Retarded/Alcoholic Morale: High Date of birth: 1990 Place of birth: Canada,BC,Vancouver Nationality:Canadian Ethnicity:White Languages: Canadian Religion: Description Height:5'10 Weight:220 Build: Fat Hair: Mullet Eyes: Blue Features:Mushtache Equipment: Snowmobile (Currently Broken) Affiliation: Canadian Armed Forces- CAF Background -WIP-
  6. Please close perma dead
  7. Permadeath Please close
  8. Give me a chance LOL
  9. [Leroy Sinclair] [Bubbles] Character Information Alias: Chief Status: Alive Mentality: Slow Morale: High-Just dont give a fuck Date of birth: 1970 Place of birth: North West Coast of Canada Nationality: Canadian Ethnicity: First Nation Languages: Me'te/English Religion: ... Height: 6'1 Weight:210 Build:Stocky Hair:Brown Eyes:Brown Features: Wrinkly Face Equipment: Tomahawk Affiliation:None Background -Backstory WIP-
  10. Coke Zero********
  11. Currently setting up a date for the wedding lmao
  12. Cleetus Browning Bubbles Character Information Alias: Bushman Status: Bumming Rations Off the NRC/Killing Yakuza Mentality: Inbred/Retarded Morale: High Date of birth: 06/06/80 Place of birth: Alabama, USA Nationality: American Ethnicity: White Languages: English/Redneck Religion: None (Cleetus Doing A PhotoShoot for Money when he was living off the Government) Height: 6 foot Weight: 280 LBS Build: Beer Belly but muscular everywhere else Hair: None Eyes: Blue Features: Beard Equipment: Anything he can get his hands on Former group: Ravenwood PMC. Backstory: Cleetus “Bushman" Browning currently in his 30's lived most of his life as a Construction worker but turned private military. Cleetus could never pass a physical to join the actual military given that he had the gut that could down 24 beer on a Tuesday night and still be able to shoot the eye off a deer a mile away. 2012 Cleetus joined RMC as Public Relations and Did private security overseas to numerous rich family’s. He rarely scene combat but when he did number one priority was putting others before him, Its what he was paid for. 2016 Rolled around and Cleetus was deployed to Islam protecting rich family's from the us/Russian war, after the Russians released the Akula virus it was every man for himself. Cleetus and the boys did what they they did best protect people from harms way. Ravenwood true saving as many civilians as possible. The civilians eventually got greedy and restless with Ravenwood and tried to rob them of their supply's. Cleetus got caught in the middle and was hit sin the head by a shovel and was sent into a coma. 2017, Cleetus woke up in an abandoned makeshift hospital. Nothing there besides a backpack and his rifle. After getting dressed and going.outside he was greeted by some rough looking Russians…