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  1. You're probably right. But I have put 100s of hours into the server. A VAST Majority of which were just me or me and a few others and Im about done with it for now
  2. I hope these changes will bring the community back to life... However I won't believe it until I see it. Many "Big Changes" have been talked about to bring the server back and to this point nothing has worked, and definitely not for the long term. Good luck but I wont be playing until we have a solid player base. I have stuck around way to many communities, being the only one in the server for hours on end just trying to get others to join and I have no drive to do that here. Thanks for your dedication ~John Browning
  3. As a real life Ukrainian I approve this message
  4. They should all have the same armor if they carry plates. But I would like to see plate carriers actually function like they do irl. For example level 3A armor can stop multiple .308 rounds without passing through however it would knock you on your ass
  5. I would love to spawn with a uniform. My character only wears one thing and me and my brother are known for our beards. You can spawn with those but it's a pain in the ass to have to look like he'll for a specific uniform before I can rp
  6. WTF

    I just survived but I died twice to it already. lost a SCAR H and an HK417
  7. WTF

    dont log out in apartments or you will log in and fall outside the building and either die or almost die
  8. *southern accent comes across the radio frequencies* Nora? Soap? Y'all are still alive? Thank god. I know I only just met Y'all but you are good people and my brother vouches for you. You brought me in, you talked to me, you made me feel human again. For that I thank you. Don't trust Rock! He has more to do with this than you think, I cant say any more over the radio but I will find you again and share more information of the attack. As for you wannabe mafioso mother fuckers, You come into a peaceful camp and open fire on a bunch of men with their backs turned? Y'all are a bunch of god damn cowards. As for you Rock, my brother told me I could trust you, told me you were a friend, well guess what? I know what you did mother fucker. If I ever see you again, you're fucking DEAD! *Radio cuts out abruptly as it is thrown against a wall* *John Sits down with his brother nursing the bullet wound in his shoulder* "Im going to kill those mother fuckers" He says to Cleetus
  9. *southern accents crackles over the radio* Why trade a car for guns you silly cunt? We can just take people's guns! ~Browning
  10. over sure, but if you have a rifle slung behind a big ass bull backpack you arent getting it out in any sort of hurry
  11. would be cool but also unrealistic as all hell if you have a backpack on and the gun was behind it and you could pull it out in 2 seconds