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  1. Alright
  2. Some entertaining footage that for sure. Keep them coming.
  3. Corp... Corporation? The Smithy Corporation? Nah, Looking good deputy.
  4. Interesting backstory. Can't wait to meet all the characters of this group.
  5. hey brother


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      *Scratches his head* when did the website turn into a mirror...

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  7. Awesome! I'm going to be working on the main plot and story arcs tom. Thanks Riggsee!
  8. "You come across a barn and house out in the middle of the fields. Inside the barn you find dead animals and a symbol on the wall drawn in the animals blood. Under the symbol is the word Beware." - These are the types of mini events I want to create for people on the server, and other events that are planed for huge hunts of infected and demons on the server. I want to aim for story telling along with these events in the sense that you will need to follow a trail of clues leading to the fight. Coming across camps in the woods with skeletons, or finding a house that was used as a horde slaughter house left abandoned for some reason, are just a few possible story examples. In these events I want people to solve a mystery and fight infected/other monsters at the same time. These events will be done by me and another staff member(s) who will be using Zeus. This system can be used to create awesome mini events, and Blitz has already proven that for me. The event will start with an admin message IC giving off a distress call about beasts or monsters. This way you'll know that there is a hunt event being held at those cords. You'll find me on my character at these cords and I'll be leading the group into the event. The staff member(s) will be creating a area where we will discover (Starting the hunt) From there I will start to point out clues that will lead us to the monster or monsters. From there we can kill stuff and have a good time. The staff team in this event will try and create dynamic threats for the participants during these events. Such as fog(controlled demons), horde members, and perhaps NRC/separatists. It all depends on the story that started the event (The location we discover) From that point there will be a reward perhaps, for people risking their lives to kill the beasts. Such as a container of food, water or weapons. It will most likely be stated by the radio person giving the cords - EX ( *Static* Hello! He- *Static* There's something in the wood out here *Static* Been hearing roars from around the lake! *Static* You kill the thing and I'll give you some supplies. Cords are (cords).. Wa- *Static* Whats that! *Yell* *Static*) Something like this will go over global letting you know that there is an event going on there. These events are good for every type of person. People who want gear. People who want story telling. And people who want to kill stuff. It's fun for the whole family! For the bigger events that have a date and location. There will be a post on the forums by me or a staff member helping me with it, and it will give you a brief description on the event and go in depth on how to participate. I want to keep the event a little secretive when it comes to the story and what you'll be facing. These will be bigger and planned out. There will be a more in depth story line that will have multiple parts. with some story arcs that will shape the ending depending on what you do. Staff will be using Zeus of course and also playing as character in the event story line. And of course there will be stuff to kill. There will be no unique monsters to kill because we need skins and animations to create our own monsters, so it'll just be zombies and the occasional demon. There will also be horde members to kill if the event goes that way. That's just the way it is, but we'll still have fun. These will happen when there is a bunch of people on the server (Ten at the least). I might get together will a GM or Admin and we can create some small story real quick. It'll just be a unique little event with some story telling to develop your character on, and have some fun. (More info above) If you have any questions on anything from this thread feel free to PM me. If I'm not allowed to do this and I wasted my time... Feel free to PM me staff.
  9. ::Ivan eats his seeds and sits in the NRC camp. He hears his radio go off and responds with enthusiasm:: ::Click to listen:: ::He puts his radio down and drops his bag of seeds:: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! MY SEEDS!!!