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  1. this sounds really cool, thanks for setting it up! looking forward to the hunt
  2. i havent seen much of the frith's ruin stuff spawning. a few outfits, no vests or headgear. i think there should be more of these and other civillian stuff and less military uniforms, especially outside the bases.
  3. loot crates full of lumber would be worth a lot more than guns at this point and id do just about anything for them
  4. stig dagerman wolfcano Character Information Alias: N/A Status: alive and well Mentality: jaded and suspicious Morale: low Date of birth: may 2, 1984 Place of birth: stockholm, sweden Nationality: swedish Ethnicity: swedish Languages: swedish, english, kurdish Religion: atheist Description Height: 5'9" Weight: 145 lbs Build: athletic Hair: dirty blonde Eyes: green Features: faded, diy tattoos on his arms and legs Equipment: minimal Affiliation: lion's pride, or unaffiliated Background stig grew up in stockholm, becoming involved with the punk scene and leftist politics in his teen years. after finishing his compulsory military service (where he did not excel), he bummed around europe for several years, living in various squats and associating with many projects. in 2015 he answered the call of the ypg for international volunteers and headed to rojava, where he saw some combat and was deeply impressed by the kurd's organizational ideas and fighting spirit. when his tour ended, he headed for isla abramia. the developing refugee crisis had caught his eye, and with the help of swedish and other european activists he helped establish a squat to house and aid the refugees flooding the island. the devastation of the akula virus found him fleeing into the countryside alone, living off the land as best he could for several weeks. after a few tense encounters with other survivors, he found himself working with the lion's pride on sporadic operations. after escaping isla abramia, he's wandered slowly south for the last few years, avoiding the bandits, warlords, and zombies as best he could and looking for others who still hope to set the world right. the last year has found him in the esseker region, gathering supplies and keeping an eye on some of the small communities growing in the area...
  5. this looks good, looking forward to the new map and other changes! thanks for all the work everyone has put into this
  6. i'm still not finding any swing reloads with any axe spawns. have you noticed them randomly gwateet or are they in specific spots?
  7. i found about five different axe spawns across different towns and buildings and none of them had a swing reload
  8. its a good issue to bring up, but until something actually happens that seems messed up i don't think its worth sweating too much.
  9. i would hope it would just be basic stuff- clothes, hat, binoc, radio, map. a little food and meds. maybe a pistol.
  10. Character Name: Eugene Willich Role (Sniper, Medic, etc.): Demolition Affiliation (Coffin Crew, WW2 Military): OSS Special Operations/Coffin Crew Short Backstory: While serving in the infantry in North Africa, Lt. Willich stepped up when an OSS officer came looking for volunteers for more hazardous assignments. His language skills and engineering background made him a valuable asset, and he was parachuted behind enemy lines first in Italy and then in Yugoslavia to work with local partisans in harassing the Nazis, sabotaging their supply lines, and getting downed airmen back to safety. Having distinguished himself in the field, he has been assigned by the OSS to the Coffin Crew for their mission on Namalsk.
  11. thanks for passing this on rob, i really like the idea as well. no fun having to search through 100 houses for some guerrilla smocks
  12. i've seen a lot of axes looting but haven't seen a swing reload? i'll keep an eye out
  13. agree with a lot of the other comments here. i like the map but i wish there was a bit more on it, and the towns had more character. i've been doing a fair bit of exploring when i can steal a car and there is some cool stuff to see, but no real reason to go beyond site seeing at this point. i also agree on having more forest cover, some of the stands could be thickened up a lot and i think it would look nice- something like the forests on esseker where a base can actually be pretty well hidden. all my forest camps get bounced as soon as a helicopter flies over. the loot is also kinda weird, i feel like i am seeing the same two or three outfits all the time even with the new stuff added. would like to see more diversity in the spawns there, especially civvy clothes.