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  1. Not gonna make a leaving thread as cba but cya guys later im out x

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    2. Brent


      See ya man. GL in the real world :)

    3. Ryan


      see ya in a bit mate 

    4. EvanM23


      naebor coozin

  2. 0/10 dont see a avatar ?
  3. nice but wheres archer? :(
  4. See ya mate sad to see you aint gonna be in ts but i'll just snapchat you my drunken adventures instead :P cya lad
  5. Haha anyways nice suggestions i checked em all out they do look real good.
  6. Okay i just need all your bank details before i can do this transaction.
  7. Loving them descriptions i almost felt like i had to buy them lmao
  8. Nice job lad
  9. Ok let staff know if you do have a problem with it once you're whitelisted.
  10. @Liquid Are you still having these issues?
  11. fixed the color of the border for avatar it triggered me 


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    2. WeeMan


      i fixed that shit all he has to do is change it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. EvanM23


      what was wrong with it

    4. WeeMan


      wrong color code on the border

  12. Hey

    lmao welcome
  13. its good prefer transparent sigs 7/10
  14. 2/10
  15. No tanoa is not needed i get errors aswell saying things like missing this and that etc if you just close and continue you should be fine could you provide a screenshot of the error or a video?