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  1. What is next? A Scottish man? A viking? We got to find a Russian with Vodka! and @FlyboyMSB563 learn to drive. I jumped off mine before it blew and walked away from it ;p
  2. @Velgrudo MY BOOOOOOO BERRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Yo flyboy load the Female heads you twat. I look like a man!
  4. Loved watching those!
  5. IM ONLY ONE WOMAN! Find me another doctor to help XD
  6. We are aware of the situation. It is inside the actual Desolation Mod that the files are broken so we have to wait for the hot fix. You will still be able to hear people in voip range and those with radios that work can still communicate over longer range.
  7. Dr. Macabee is going to be in surgery for hours after all that happened tonight. FFS.
  8. Well I can say I enjoyed a wild night of RP last night. Shit is going down in Esseker. Far too many people to name individually but it was a blast.
  9. How TF you say his name!?
  10. *Nora sits in the backroom of the Pub. The faint sound of some upbeat Irish jig can be heard. In a shaky hand she holds a radio to her bloody lips.* "Mark..." *She coughs and more blood splatters onto her lips* "I haven't" *The radio falls from her grip as she passes out* @Ryan
  11. *claps*
  12. Looking good
  13. I may have made a grave mistake....

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      The more they talk about...the more questions they ask...the more plausible it seems.....

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