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  1. Will do
  2. Because looking at most of the NRC ingame now almost all of them have the mentality of "I'm just a Pvt, they dont tell me anything." On top of that low ranks will not have access to a huge database when ever they want.
  3. The first one is Rabbit, I'm doing these on anyone that wants them.
  4. Note: This is not a means for any member for the NRC to metagame information of those on the file. It's mostly only higher ranks within the NRC that would have access to this file when they please. I'm going to be doing these to expand the universe between peoples characters IG and the lore faction known as the NRC. I'll be making more of these in time, if you want you're own done PM me with details.
  5. Mhmm
  6. It took only a bite to the nose
  7. *Rabbit would sit at the campfire listening in to the radio, he would lean back in his chair, accidentally pressing down the PTT as he does so. An unknown voice can be heard along with his* What are they on about? Ah, sounds like there on about Gaz. He's always been a bit of a dramatic cunt... Shit *The radio would quickly cut out*
  8. Its real kissing your homies hours 

  9. Good character. really brings allot to the server
  10. Someone take this man to the ER

    1. Nayman


      Image result for sexy ambulance

      dw i'll take him