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  1. *Gaz sits in the car, the handset swinging as mark spoke, he grabbed it as soon as he had finished, his voice seemed slightly calmer* "Well it doesn't look like I'm a fucking idiot does it... sussed your sly ass out didn't I... I don't want to come to your for anything... Just stay out of my fuckig way... You heard me... I hope you die..." *He pauses as he hears rabbit's voice* "Well you can fuck off too then... Soap does that and now you smack talk... Glad to know who my real brothers are..." *He'd mutter to himself before the radio cut out* "quick to turn their fucking backs... pricks"
  2. *Gaz grips the handset again and replies to Nora* "we both know fully fucking well what's happening don't we? You didn't deny it... I know you better than you think Nora, Mark to, so don't think you can slip this by me by saying I'm making up accusations, I had my suspicions before and you knew I did, so this just confirms it, am I right? *he releases the handset, a look of sheer anger on his face*
  3. *Gaz picks up the handset once more* "So they even ditched you so they could enjoy their little fuckfest... At least I was taken not just fucked off to shag... Soap ain't no brother to me, fucking sly dog If anything Markus, I'll come back for you, for a brother who hasn't turned his back Stay safe man, I'll be back... But I don't think I can take those two along... Not after that" *He'd drop the handset, the transmission ending, he turned to Olek* "Looks like I have one brother out there, god knows where the rest are" // @Teigen
  4. *As the thoughts raced through his head, he thought about the other, in particular, Scarecrow, he knew that Markus would rather side with Soap... But he thought he better ask him, he was always closer with Scarecrow than Mark was* "Y... You knew about this Markus?... You knew they went behind my back like that..." *He sighed, thinking that he'd lost all of his previous brothers* // @Teigen
  5. *Olek would now be sat next to Gaz, they'd hear the transmissions together and Gaz listened to what Nora said until Soap silenced her, Gaz knew the sound, it could have been him grabbing her mouth, trying to stop her from speaking but no, Gaz knew what had happened, he knew deep inside Soap was planning on this as soon as Gaz left for a moment* "What the fuck... You fucking snake Mark... You fucking cunt.... YOU FUCKING CUNT" *He smashed his arm against the car door, Olek putting a hand onto his new brother's shoulder* "LET HER FUCKING SPEAK I wanna hear what she has to say and then I wanna explain to her You best quit that right now... Cunt...." *Gaz dropped the handset as tears filled his eyes, Olek patted his shoulder and said to him, the radio still transmitting* "Some brother of yours... and for her too do it too... Traitors... Don't worry comrade..." *The radio fell silent once more*
  6. *Gaz holds radio handset and sighs, speaking into it* "it was either one of us or all of us! You saw how many there were" *he pauses* "do you even want me back, the others seem content with me dead"
  7. *Gaz sits in the car, listening to the messages that his "Freinds" had sent, he sat back and sighed before smashing the side of the car in anger, before grabbing the handset* "Soap... You fucking bastard... You just don't understand me do you, you never fucking did, the memory of my family is all I have, the memory of the old world... Is all I have, memories of helping the fucking people It what I... What we.... used to do and I'm not stopping anytime soon You should have shot me when you had the chance.... Watch your fucking back You're dead to me..." *The channel filled with static for a few seconds* "The rights? Who gave me the rights! ME! I have friends here... I know now the horde took the last ember ofmy family from me and by my fucking hand they will pay for it memories of the old world are all I have left now So I sure as shit wont be letting them go I wont be fucking dying...." *The channel falls silent once more* // @Ryan @Teigen
  8. *Gaz hears the mess on the radio as he wanders about the village at night and rushes over to the car, hearing the last of it* "I'm not fucking dead... I said I wouldn't be.... I'm not dead yet... I've got revenge to enact... *The radio cuts out once more*
  9. *Gaz sits in the back of the car, looking at the radio, he tunes the freqeuncy carefully and picks up the handset, speaking into it* "Keeping this short... It's... *Static* Gaz... I am alive *Static* I'm helping the people out here... *Static* Focus on the horde... They are worse than we imagined" *The radio cuts out and the channel falls silent*
  10. I could steal Rocka
  11. *Gaz switches the radio on, praying it works* "He....o.... It's..... I... Sti...Al...ive... So...p...Sca...row...N..ra copy... *He gets up from the chair after the broadcast*
  12. Part 5
  13. Part 3 :)