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  1. Same as Bubble said, this should be hidden asap. We have streamer friends like Fox that is on edge on coming here. Maybe if we could shift in momey and pay em for a couple of hours to be on our server and make positive review then yeah at least thats a start ? Im willing to share quite some cash on this.
  2. This is good idea but if you guys care about this community then lets really all dedicate your freetime to be on the server even when there aint shit to do until we get at least one content creator or the next player wave ? And maybe its just me but we shouldnt be going out flexing YET when we havent got a stable player base or anyone at all. So maybe go easy with the whitelist for now ? All of my friends say its too much time taking for a little community with not a single review. I have not been on slack or the server due to work but i will come back in few days.
  3. Ill see you in irl war
  4. No it is not
  5. STATUS: ALIVE OWNED BY: John "Rabbit" Mcgregor Bandit's Theme Song
  6. *pushes ptt, dramatically yells into the radio* "Oh man, i dony know anymore, there were shooting everywhere, what is going on guys, oh my god send help ! Is everyone okay ??? Jeeeeee wizzz I'm about to have a heart attack..... *releases ptt*
  7. Idk how to post video of Twitch but this is the raid from today.
  8. Come join us tonite
  9. teach us how to RP on DnD 2ed
  10. That tooo
  11. Oh also, if you have enabled Cookie's Animation mod you can use "-" to put your hands up. I noticed quite some people dont have that enabled.
  12. It looks like couple of people I talked to have this issue as well. Basicly, when you pick up a radio (vanilla radio) in game, the radio just disappear out of your inventory. According to Cookie, it is suppose to convert the vanilla radio into TFAR radio once you pick it up but now it doesn't. However, when I pick up a TFAR radio off from the body, the radio stays and is workable. Now people are out there with no radio. Pls help