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  1. Updated the graphics and backstory a bit.
  2. I usually just make a black box in photoshop and put it at the bottom then duplicate the layer and move it to the top.
  3. Hopefully @Ryan realizes now he cant out drink the Irish.
  4. Crop those images a bit or add come black bars for those status things but other than that dope shit!
  5. Nobody has got it yet. You can all guess again.
  6. Once again no one has gotten in right. Feel free to guess again.
  7. *Finn would sit it the bar and finally hear Marks reply. He would look up at his beaten men and grab his radio* Never thought I'd say this to a Brit but when you get here. We need to talk. *He would hear a truck arive and walk out to see IRA soldiers unloading crates of explosives*
  8. So far no one has gotten the right number. You are all allowed to guess again.
  9. Aye. You have quite a few bloody IRA men to patch up ;)
  10. Im reopening this as I have $20 to give away. Same thing 1-100 first one to get the number wins.
  11. If definitely was a "blast".
  12. *Finn stumbles to the back of the bar laughing with a drink in his hand he hears Mark begin to scream in the radio and walks to Nora he picks up the radio. Laughter, music, and yelling would be heard* Mark!!! How the fuck are ya? Listen lad, ya girl is perfectly fine. I would say she was in good hands but quite frankly, ya told me to keep em off her. We got her patched up and she's ready for her loving lil husband to come home to her. Ya remember that bar I told ya about? Yeah we here. See ya soon pal... Don't keep us waiting. *He sets down the radio and walks back to the bar he yells at his friends and continues to drink*
  13. Kansas City eh? Where from in Kansas City?
  14. *Commander Simmons hears the message in the command tent and moves over to his computer trying to see where it may be coming from* This is Commander Simmons of the 1st Phalanx Division. We are currently at the Riverfront in Old Esseker. Upon entering go ahead and approach the command post for information about enlistment. As for this guarantee you're asking for I cant make any promises but as a Captain Im sure you'd understand. *He releases the ptt*
  15. I already hit up a guy for some more specialized character clothing for these events.