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  1. ^ @HoneyJBadger
  2. Felt like the RP last night revitalized my dedication to the server. Was really fun. Rip Cleetus
  3. They're not happening, at least not soon. We've hit up just about every single large and small youtuber/streamer that plays survival rp/arma 3. None of them have an interest in Arma 3 Survival RP, they're interested in Life, Mil-sim, and practically just about anything else other than Desolation Redux. Which sucks because we have a beautiful server to showcase to the world of roleplay. It's a chain-reaction however when larger youtubers take a shot at Desolation Redux and then give it a subpar review, then no other Youtuber/Streamer is willing to take on the challenge. There are a lot of shifts going on in the PC roleplay community, and we've been trying to catch wind of some of them. It's just not working, and it's not the media team's fault, it's just that no one is willing to film + play Arma 3 Survival RP. We can help this problem as a whole by not exacerbating the situation by saying this community is going to die without streamers or youtubers, because at this point anyone here could stream or put out a video and get the same response as some of the current YouTubers already out there doing Arma 3 RP currently. It's truthfully not a lot at all, so I think it's a little bit of a stretch when the community suggests that one of these assets would actually "save our community" -- We had a pretty large youtuber helping us at one point in time, it was bad timing, and he said the mod itself (DR) was bad anyways. I had some ideas to remedy the situation a bit, and get our name out there more so it might entice other YouTubers/streamers to film here. Create a community-based media group where you stream your gameplay on our servers all the time. Invite more friends, if our less than 20 active player base could bring one person here each, we'd have a full server. Have those friends invite friends. Networking is the way communities grow, this is organic growth. Interact with our current community of over 500 members, get them involved. Put together a trailer with multiple in-game clips from players experiences, this shows realistically what's happening on the server. Support our current streamers/youtubers by following and liking videos. Saying our community is going to die without some third party is not the mindset to have when trying to grow a place like this.
  4. You gonna steal?
  5. Only your donations could fund this amazing site upgrade. 

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      circle pictures again, i feel like its the old website all over again


    2. Sutoraidā
  6. Oh yeah I agree. More flashlights would be great.
  7. Unless they're somewhere else in loot tables @Mike would be able to answer this.
  8. Then someone is spawning/duping NVG's, they only are in the loot tables for certain Heli crashes.
  9. As of right now the only way to find NVG's are heli crashes, to my knowledge.
  10. That's the point, the night is supposed to be genuinely scary.
  11. Your replacement is here



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      It's truly a blessing tbh 

  12. That's why I made it end tomorrow so people would have more rep. Look out for thread.
  13. Upvote your favorite picture to vote! Winner will be announced tomorrow 8/2/2017 at 5 PM EST.
  14. 221100_screenshots_20160905200152_1.jpg.f061b60561a67941032caaa6653ad82b.jpg

    Remember this?

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      hey theres me