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  1. Sounds good, I appreciate it. Is there any lore/backstory already decided on?
  2. Is there any way that we could get status updates, or something of the sort?
  3. I remember when I first joined Existence RP, there was at least two or even three operations planned a week. Those operations were also extremely varied. We had the MARSOC/SOG lore ops, we had VALK lore ops, a Vietnam campaign was brought up after a lore op one time, but never got anywhere, and we even had a modded Halo operation night. Honestly, I found these much more fun than the server is today. If you look in the forums under side projects, the only section is titled Archived Side Projects. I can understand that the DayZ Standalone server was closed for good reason, and have no knowledge that there was even anything for project Zomboid, but I absolutely loved the Fourth Fleet Halo Ops, and thought that Prologue: BASTION would have been amazing. I can understand we can't have too many side projects, but the fact that the Side Projects section of the forums was changed to Archived Side Project is a bit much I thought. The last lore op was a month ago, and although we've heard talk of another one coming up, there's nothing tangible that we can see. I've also talked to admins about bringing back side projects or lore ops for a month or more, and have been told that they're working on it, yet no updates on progress, or any further info on the subject was given. I'd really like to see these lore ops and a side project or two come back. I know that if they needed help developing maps or something that I'd be willing to help, and I bet a few community members would as well if they were asked. In conclusion: bring back some regular weekly things. I'd personally love the OPTRE server be brought back, especially with their new update; and a civilian-esque operation or event series would be fairly interesting too.
  4. Would love this idea for groups. Makes it a lot easier than looking for a week or two for enough uniforms for your group, just to have them all die in a firefight and lose them. +1
  5. It's alright, it was a bit of a joke so you and Flyboy were both right about the section switch.
  6. Setting the record straight? The timeline for the Lore takes the situation out of proportion.
  7. Our car got stolen. We just wanted it back. We don't really care about "controlling Yolandi".
  8. There are boats in game, but the only ones my friends or I have found have either been a rescue boat or a dingy. Plus there's no way to refuel them, and they get about 5 km before running out of gas, going 30 kph tops. We need better boats.
  9. Norman the Foreman?
  10. Christopher Winter Rifleman/Combat Medic Affiliation: USCM (convention), USMC, ATF Short Backstory: Winter was born and raised in Pender, Nebraska and was soon recruited by the USMC. Winter displayed strong leadership skills and excelled in detection and firepower. He also performed well under pressure. He attended three tours out of O'Niell Station, one from the Gateway Station. Within two years, Winter was given increasing responsibilities and was promoted from Private to Corporal. The USCM view him as a strong candidate for officer candidates and recommended him for low orbit hot zone combat.
  11. Character Name: Christopher Winter Role: Rifleman Affiliation: ATF Short Backstory: Born in early 1990, Christopher Winter was always interested in war, although not in a morbid way. Once he was 17, he signed up for the USMC. His prowess with staying calm in the face of adversity earned him a spot on the Akula Task Force.
  12. Character: Tristan Knight Role: Combat Medic/Technology Specialist (think the supportiest support you can think of) Affiliation: VALK Short Backround: Tristan Knight was originally a combat medic in the USMC. He joined up a few years before his brother: Liam Knight, who followed in his footsteps. He often tinkers with computers and other electronics. After leaving the Corps after his second tour, he settled back home, but couldn't adjust to civilian life again. When VALK contacted him with a contract in mind, he jumped on it. (Brother to PFC Liam Knight)
  13. 76561198210128528 Hook me up fam, I'd be great to Zombie Apocalypse in a game that's not Dean Hall's buggy mess.