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  1. Ly is cheating on you lmao

    1. Lyaria


      I would never!

      *Hides SC logs*

  2. Anyone know any devs out there?

  3. o my god i love you
  4. *David grabs the radio and begins speaking in a calm tone.* "Come on by and we can set you up with anything you need. Food. Water. Shelter. You'll be safe with us." *The radio dies quickly and nothing else is heard.*
  5. Human Resources are the people that help Vice and myself with a lot of the daily work around here. They handle a variety of things including sifting through whitelists, answer questions on forums, monitor staff activity and community statistics, handle any problems that community members may have and point them in the right direction, and more. We're trying to get away from heieraechy of Support -> Moderator -> Game Master -> Admin Now, all ranks below Admin are equal and you simply don't start out as a support. You start where you applied for.
  6. *opens up messenger and begins typing* "Cmon @Cipher it was a mistake gimme my money back." *he closes the messenger and awaits a response*
  7. We agreed since I use my real name, I would change mine to BrentRP.
  8. It fixed with the new site. I've wanted this to be fixed for 2 months now...
  9. Don't you wish that there was a social media like MySpace was where you could customise your entire profile with HTML code and put music playlists and just be a kid again?

    1. Riggsee


      Yes because I made a killing doing myspace profile layouts lol. 

    2. Matt


      Yes pls mine would be amazing

    3. Lyaria


      Only reason I learned HTML XD

  10. Today we start a new chapter in ExistenceRP with the transfer of ownership into new hands. There will be many new changes over the next few weeks and we are excited to share some of what you can expect to see in the coming days. New Ownership Cipher and Robsly have stepped down and with this will come a revamp of the Staff team and their duties. They are not leaving our community but taking on others roles within the staff team and are in full support of the new leadership. Taking up the torch of leading the community will be Vice and myself. New Website We have already rolled out our new website and with any new updates expect a few bugs. We are hard at work to get the site optimized and in working condition. Any bugs or issues you have with the new site should be addressed to the Human Resources. They will be able to forward your concerns to the respective party. New Staff Positions Vice and myself have decided to create a new rank known as Executive. This rank will act as a way for us to interact with every aspect of the community and ensure that Administrator continue to have the freedom to shape the community in a way that is advantageous to everyone. This rank is not a way for us to have the final say and get our way in any conversation. This is a means of creating separation from Administrator as we do not plan on interfering with their day-to-day operations. It is also a way for potential business partners to see who they can talk to for inquiries. We have also removed the Support rank and added Human Resources in its place. The role of Support will be divided amongst Moderator and Human Resources to ease work load and ensure that jobs are taken care of quickly and efficiently. Human Resources will also help with whitelists and handle the Suggestions thread. Our Server We are beginning to put into play our projects for upping our server count and bringing roleplay back to our servers. To begin with we are almost finished with our work on the NRC settlement, and we will be working closely with the Gamemasters to provide an enjoyable experience with these factions. As well as this we have given the gamemaster team the ability to create mini-events with access to zeus. This means even if the server is quiet there is still reason to log in, as one of our gamemasters will be looking to create events to further your characters story. We are also looking for more of a media presence. So far we only have trailers and the odd twitch streams to show what we have. We need to be able to show the arma 3 community and other potential players what we have to offer here. As a result we are actively looking for Content creators! If you know anyone who can create quality youtube content, are you yourself are interested in greatly supporting our server by providing this content yourself, PM @VICE with your interest and he will be able to get back to you. Finally, newcomers. The reality is that we cannot grow of we are unable to retain players. We have our own plans on the staff side to provide the most enjoyable experience possible to these players, but it is also the responsibility of the community itself. Offer these people to join your groups. When you meet someone in game, make the effort to roleplay with them and help them to begin forming their own stories. Suggestions from the community to help grow are also greatly appreciated. Any ideas of threads to post our server on? Any streamers you suggest we contact? Any ideas you have for events or advancements in our lore? Let us know! Closing Statement Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to keep you all updated on new things we have in store for this community. Expect some new information to come out in the next few weeks. In the mean time, we encourage everyone to continue to get in game and continue building this community. Without you, this community wouldn't exist. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please feel free to PM @VICE or @Brent.
  11. helluva meme my guy
  12. awesome read :)
  13. ||||real edgy boy hours||||

    ···You know how to pull me in when you feel alone···
    ···I'm a sucker for a warm bed, yeah it feels like home···
    ···But I still feel empty, my feet still get cold···
    ···Anything that makes me whole···

    1. CUDA


      Is everything ok

    2. Brent


      *puts on his happy face*

      yeah my guy. perfectly fine.

    3. CUDA


      oh thats great to hear