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  1. A lot of you know me and I'm glad I got to meet all of you but my time here is over. I've come to a realization with myself that video games are a waste of time for me. I have goals in my life and playing video games is not one of them. I need to move on to better myself spiritually, physically, and mentally. Being here has opened my eyes to newer and better things and I thank you all for making me laugh with all of your shenanigans in teamspeak. I'm glad I got to meet all of you and I'm going to find out what the Air Force has to offer me. Thank you all. @Nayman, I wish you the best bro, you're one of the funniest guys here regardless of what other people say, they're jealous. @Brent, My dude, I hope you and I get stationed at the same base.. we'll keep in touch. @Cipher, I remember when all of this was just a thought. A bunch of pissed off DayZRP rejects tired of the tyranny from Rolle. Look what it has become, bro. Good job. @Blitz, Your RP is incredible and you make a great admin. Keep this place straight. @Billy, We've known each other for a long time and you've always been a solid dude. You still got my snap, we'll keep in touch. @Riggsee, You're better at RP when you're edgy. Hope life takes off for you and it all goes well, glad I know you. @Rocka, I don't even know where to start for you, bro. You're the funniest one here in the community and that is without question. I honestly love waking up at 4 in the morning to see your hilarious snapchats. @VICE, You're awesome bro, definitely worth mentioning. You've been here thick and thin and your position is well deserved and you use it well. @Nick, Your accents are awesome and you could definitely be an actor for sure. Sorry to leave the group so early but you kinda knew this would happen. Will miss. @Gator, You're last but not least. I know we'll meet eachother one day with Brent and we'll all be one happy chairforce family. That said, I don't expect many people to like me because it's the internet but that's okay, it's the internet and I need a break. Cya.
  2. August 7th 2017: BigBen: "Small update this week. Everyone is one vacation, and JMaster is still busy remaking the building system. The new building system will remove the physics system from base building, and going to a more standard attachto system." Client -Added: Crafting option for white armbands -Added: Individual p3ds for Metal Masks -Added: Small Boat -Added: preview models for campfire and campfire w/ tripod -Fixed: Open buildings geometry and shadow LODs -Fixed: Armbands now working -Fixed: Added muzzleFlash named property to FAL LOD4 -Fixed: Mi8 rotor and character animations -Fixed: Hunting Backpack shadow LOD -Tweaked: Open buildings config to simplify categories -Tweaked: Oil rig geometry tweaked -Tweaked: Metal Mask config -Tweaked: Heli_Medium character animations Server -Added: Item action function for crafting ITEMS -Added: Missing pbos from mission.sqm -Added: Mi8/Heli_medium/LR/Small Boat to vehicle spawn list. -Fixed: Anti-cheat bug that banned new players -Fixed: Anti gamma filter. No longer runs server side -Tweaked: Mission pbo addon list to be alphabetical -Tweaked: Civilian loot lowered the chance for scrap metal -Removed: Time management code that should not have been in The server has been updated with the newest patch and is ready to play.
  3. WWE 10/10
  4. Had a good talk with Blitz last night about loot tables and how they currently work. He and the dev team are very aware of this current issue and are working on it, we promise. Loot tables do require a lot of time and that is sometimes a little difficult to come by. I am talking to Cookie soon to see what I can do to help speed the process.
  5. Igor stops what he is doing and grabs his radio. Click He releases the button and sets the radio in his bag expecting another feisty response.
  6. This means so much more now


    1. WeeMan


      i got shivers

  7. It is 3 in the morning and Igor is woken up from gunfire and radio transmissions from Esseker. He hears a man named Cleetus screaming at the top of his lungs and someone about Lion's bitching at one another. In frustration he grabs the radio and holds the button down. Click to listen Surprised he just said all of that he decides to stay awake and begins to work on the gate and boards it up with concrete slabs. @Nick @Bubbles @Lyaria @Joseph @Billy
  8. Driving desolation boats in arma be like..



  9. lmao lots of you are sociopath's, you seem nice on the outside but on the inside you want to throw me in a pool of acid.
  10. No way bro, it's like all of a sudden people are getting these. Heli crashes been in the game since release and this is just now becoming a problem.
  11. So last night I found 6 people having a conversation at 3 in the morning. Every single one of them had NVG's on except for me. It doesn't make sense for my character to have them so I don't use them; I like immersion. That said, since it is 5 years into the apocalypse I feel that NVG's should be either wiped from the game or find another way to introduce them and emphasize more on shoulder lights and weapon flashlights. And @Cipher you said shoulder lights are in game but not in the loot tables so maybe we could get those. Oh and fuck a flashlight nobody wants to give up their sidearm to hold one wtf.