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  1. At least I'm not the only one who noticed that.
  3. I'll be glad to help anyway I can OOC and IC.
  4. much love Dodge fun hanging out with you in TS.
  5. It was my first time ever on the server plus is was pitch black in my room so i kinda wanted to kms after the experience
  6. Deadass heard one of the demons in game say "Kill" whilst chasing me around the woods. Not a very fun time.
  7. Yea for some reason earlier it wasn't allowing me to edit my post but now it is.
  8. Character Info: Age: 26 Status: Alive and okay Mentality: Alive. Date of birth: 05/22/1991 Place of birth: Beketov, Ukraine Nationality: American Languages: English, Ukrainian Religion: Christian Description: Height: 6'1 Weight: 190 Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde, long Build: Lanky Features: A tattoo going down his left arm "Для моєї країни. Бо Всемогутній Бог!" - For my god. For God Almighty. Two AK47s lying on each side of a torn Ukranian flag on left thigh. Finally, a bear hugging the Ukranian flag on his back. Equipment: Any weaponry he finds. Differentiates between civilian clothing and military camouflage. Affiliation: His brothers and sisters of Ukraine
  9. Yo fuck is up with your mind bruh? Good ass read tho I enjoyed it a lot.
  10. Someone, please stop this Gamemaster.
  11. GANG GANG We up in this bitch
  12. Akatsuki is too strong. Hold the L to anyone who fights the bathrobes wearing weebs.
  13. Nice shit my guy just dont try going up any ladders in a firefight ;)
  14. It really is beautiful