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  1. @Hex I like the possibility of some of the those vehicles from FSC being added to the server and maybe the multiple weapon handling mod. Make sure that all the mods you put here are for the right game, some of the mods you have suggested here are for a previous Arma game.
  2. Glad you enjoyed the spooky skeletons, had to shoot off for a driving lesson half way through but I hope to see this unique kind of RP on the server more often.
  3. Dont worry, Vice doesnt have it out for you, I DO! Im going to wipe every last SOG from the planet one by one until you all end up like those fighting men on the roof of the embassy in Hama. #remembertheketchup really tho, I like SOG's RP
  4. Enjoyed some very Mad Max style RP tonight as Red Eyes and Bone Eater with @VICE, hope we put the fear of the horde into those we met.
  5. Character Name : Kirill Stolnik Role : Infantryman Affiliation : Coffin Crew/3rd Shock Army Special Operations Short Backstory : Born in the Russian Ural region, Kirill comes from a patriotic and hardened background. His participation during this operation would go onto to shape the actions of his children and grandchildren for decades to come.
  6. //Approved, tbh don't why this hadn't already been added. Expect to see this settlement in soon.
  7. Do more, I demands it
  8. I do agree with this for exactly the reasons you stated and also the temptations that come with admin powers, this is why I will be staying out of any future player groups.
  9. Interested to see this, go ahead.
  10. I like the character and cop characters played well are always interesting but just out of curiosity what did you mean with this? "(On plan on using this character on the new map, but we'll see)"
  11. +1 to that, some great action and immersive RP to watch on the server last night.
  12. oh shit blitz you got admin

    hey lover

    1. Blitz


      I guess I like it here......


  13. Hey! that's a lie, you're not new to rolleplay pffft cant fool me
  14. maxresdefault.jpg

    real no spare change left hours