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  1. Why is the metal scene in Aussie land sooooo good fuuuuuuuuuuuuck


  2. Ly is cheating on you lmao

    1. Lyaria


      I would never!

      *Hides SC logs*

  3. This is some good shit Venom!
  4. This hits harder than my abusive uncle


  5. @Riggsee lets have some quality father and son time together. (Lets drink)

  6. look at this mans, he greedy af he wants more. ;) good luck everyone!
  7. I'm going to host another one in the next few weeks but congrats @Cloudy for now this thread is /closed
  8. enjoy yo money lmao
  9. @FlyboyMSB563, @Whiskey, @John Grace, @Bubbles, @Jcastle22, @Salem, @Teigen, @Nick, @Storm, @Venom, @CUDA, @GTannkor, @TheLimited, @Cloudy, @Whip, you guys can guess again. Someone got reallllly close ;)
  10. Not a butch lesbian? Fuck well I'm disappointed...