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    Refugee’s Guide

    Created by Ryan


    Congratulations! You have taken the first step in embarking on a fresh and interesting roleplaying experience here at ExistenceRP. No matter what platform you choose to pursue your character’s storyline on, ExistenceRP attempts to provide a top-quality roleplaying experience to everyone that joins our community, as well as provide you with as much information as we possibly can to make sure that your experience here is an easy, fun and unique one. In return, we ask a few things in return of our players. This guide will outline some of the things we would like to see from community members, as well as give you some extra information on how to begin your journey at ExistenceRP.


    Teamspeak Address: ts3.existencemod.com



    Again, we give a lot of our time and effort at staff to ensure that your roleplaying experience is of top quality, and that your feedback and suggestions are truly being taken into account to tweak the experience to the community’s combined liking and enjoyment. In return, we ask a few things of our members.


    Leave outstanding beef from the past/from other communities at the door. The last thing we need at ExistenceRP, a new community, is old beef spoiling the experience for other community members that just come here to have a good time roleplaying and playing the game. If we see new members that have beef with other members, and we see them flaming other members of the community, we will not hesitate to take action.

    Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from following them. New members, depending on severity, will not be treated differently from other members, because we simply do not believe that is fair. Read the rules upon entering the community, and we will have no problems.

    Roleplay is the most important aspect of this community. We’re only here to provide the platform and offer almost limitless opportunities for you once you are in our servers.



    Signing up to get into our servers is simple. First you need to make an account. Hit the signup button and make your account. Remember that your account is your own responsibility and it is important that you keep your password to yourself. There is no excuse for rule breaks if someone else has access to your account.


    Secondly you need to whitelist onto our servers. Read over the rules and our lore carefully before starting, but feel free to reference them during your whitelist. If you have any questions regarding the whitelist process feel free to enter our teamspeak and speak to a staff member in the helpdesk.


    Once you’ve completed your whitelist you will need to link your steam account to your ExistenceRP Profile. Simply go to your name on the forums > account settings > steam


    Now you just need to wait until our staff team gets the chance to read through your whitelist. This will take an average of up to 24 hours depending on the time you submit it and the traffic of whitelists at the time, so please be patient.




    Make sure before you join the server to download our current ExistenceRP modpack from the Steam Workshop page link below so that you can join the server without any issues.


    Steam Workshop modpack link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=963657543


    So you are now whitelisted and are ready to join our servers. Search ExistenceRP into the search engine of Arma 3 and put in the password given on your whitelist. There are a few things you need to remember about being in game, other than following the rules you already know from your whitelist.


    You need to have your in game name as your character name. This should have a first and last name along with titles if necessary. If you do not follow this you will be kicked from the server and asked to change your name

    If you are new to roleplay don’t be scared to get involved, but we do strongly recommend staying away from being a bandit at the beginning. By experiencing Hostile situations as the victim you will be able to gain a greater understanding of the rules to improve your own future experiences.  

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask a staff member. We would rather you ask us multiple questions rather than making mistakes in game which lead to rule breaks.



    ExistenceRP has a number of staff levels with different responsibilities; however, we are all here to help at the end of the day. If you ever need help feel free to ask any staff member, however the main roles of each staff member are as follows:


    Human Resources : Provide help to members of the community by handling questions in the helpdesk and through PM’s. They assist members with whitelisting applications if needed.


    Moderators : Moderators are in charge of our forums. They deal with any reported posts and keep the forums clean. If you have an issue with anything on the forums, these are the people to contact.


    Gamemasters : Gamemasters handle issues in our game servers. They will deal with reports and deal with bug reports. If you experience any bugs in game or have questions about the in game rules these are the best staff members to go to


    Loremasters : These are the people that write the lore for our servers. They handle our primary lore as well as overlooking and approving group ideas. If you have questions about your character's backstory or your groups lore the loremasters have the most extensive knowledge of the universe our servers are based in


    Admins : Team leaders of the community. Admins deal with high level issues as well as ban appeals and focus on the direction of the community. These people often have a lot of work, so it is recommended that you ask other members of staff about any other questions.


    Executives : Owners of the community. Provide financial stability for the community and cover all costs relating to ExistenceRP.


    There is no direct hierarchy in the staff team, with Admins and Executives being the only rank above other staff members. If you are interested in becoming a staff member and being involved in the growth of this community feel free to send a PM to any Human Resources staff member.




    The one thing you need to remember about ExistenceRP is that we are a community. The staff team’s role is to keep rule breaks to a minimum and remove people who harm the roleplay experience of players. Remember that our staff team is always happy to help with any questions you have and are actively looking to improve ourselves in order to improve your experience in our servers. If you have any information you think would be relevant to put into the Newcomer's Guide, let a member of the Admin team.


    Put roleplay first. Above all, have fun out there!