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    Note: This is not a means for any member for the NRC to metagame information of those on the file. It's mostly only higher ranks within the NRC that would have access to this file when they please. I'm going to be doing these to expand the universe between peoples characters IG and the lore faction known as the NRC. I'll be making more of these in time, if you want you're own done PM me with details.
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    bark, fetch, exist
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    Seems like a glorified secretary job, however since we're on the internet 90% of the secretarial work is unneeded. Maybe renaming it to Executive Assistant would be more fitting tbh.
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    Again, another AMAZING night. I can't count how many tines I was on my toes and spooked out. Everyone's Roleplay was flawless, I especially have to give it to the Commander @Riggsee. Those ass chewing's wereally A1 God damn I love this community
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    I should work on my reputation. This is bad.
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    Yesterday was my first event that I have experienced in the server and it was fantastic. Props to the staff team for making such a great event. Also props to @Ryan @Riggsee @Lyaria for the great roleplay. Hope to continue this as my character grows.
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    The event last night was amazing playing as Lardwax on Horde with @RobSly and @HoneyJBadgerwas hilarious. Sorry @VICE @Ryan and @Lyaria for blowing you up with that nade
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    Yesterday was the best Event/Roleplay I've experienced from this community. Super proud of all of us that were in attendance! With that being said, lets keep it up guys. The only thing thats going to let us grow and getting even better, is to keep the legit roleplay, and to invite as many people as we can to join us and play. I hope to see the server filled to max someday!
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    Holy shit yesterday was good First off. A huge thank you to @VICE and @Blitz for their amazing work at making the NRC compound and running the event. Sounds like I'm sucking up to the admin team but without them none of this could've happened Thanks also to @Airborn @Bryan Adams @FlyboyMSB563 and all the other Whiskey's for helping us snoop around their camp and find out whats going on. Was good fun Thanks to the fallen soldier @Salem. Once my piss poor Russian accent failed me I was forced to make you surrender. Heroically pulling your weapon and trying to kill me was great and I barely made it out alive. Finally, RIP Cleetus @Bubbles. As soon as I find out IC imma go ape shit
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    Character Information Alias: Will Status: Alive Mentality: Stern Morale: High Age: 33 Place of birth: Boston, Massachusets Nationality: American Languages: English, Some Spanish Religion: Christian Family: Lyaria Macabee, Johnny Simmons Description Height: 6'3" Weight: 220 lbs Build: Regular Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Alignment: Lawful Neutral Features: Equipment: NRC Issued Uniform A necklace of his family A photo of his wife Affiliation 1st Phalanx Division NRC Separatist Spy Background Will Simmons joined the NRC as a enlisted soldier in Anthem. He quickly climbed the ranks of the organization serving in many tours and expansion movements. After achieving the rank of lieutenant he was re assigned to the Phalanx special operations unit where he became the commander of the 1st division. His unit is dispatched to perform inspections of new facilities and in the most dire times of uprising. Short spoken most of the time he keeps to himself as his many tours have seen combat he is very serious most of the time. The disappearance of his wife and later learning his child went missing resulted in an immediate request to be moved to Esseker in hopes of finding both of them. He has a joking personality to those he loves or trusts.
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    Never drink with them. Ever @Ryan, @Lyaria, @Bryan Adams, @Poro, @Riggsee
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    I... I didn't know. Sorry, dude.
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    *Nora sits in the backroom of the Pub. The faint sound of some upbeat Irish jig can be heard. In a shaky hand she holds a radio to her bloody lips.* "Mark..." *She coughs and more blood splatters onto her lips* "I haven't left...you...yet..." *The radio falls from her grip as she passes out* @Ryan
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    About to put up the Horde Raid Mk. II. Just want some feedback on how these videos are turning out, even though it's all from one sitting.
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    Brilliant RP with @Ryan Thank you very much <3
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    talking about how to collect that nut in the early morning @Poro @Matt @Lyaria
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    Tonight was litty. even though i was seeing shit i was so tired Night guys
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    Interesting backstory. Can't wait to meet all the characters of this group.
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    I already hit up a guy for some more specialized character clothing for these events.
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    *Olek would now be sat next to Gaz, they'd hear the transmissions together and Gaz listened to what Nora said until Soap silenced her, Gaz knew the sound, it could have been him grabbing her mouth, trying to stop her from speaking but no, Gaz knew what had happened, he knew deep inside Soap was planning on this as soon as Gaz left for a moment* "What the fuck... You fucking snake Mark... You fucking cunt.... YOU FUCKING CUNT" *He smashed his arm against the car door, Olek putting a hand onto his new brother's shoulder* "LET HER FUCKING SPEAK I wanna hear what she has to say and then I wanna explain to her You best quit that right now... Cunt...." *Gaz dropped the handset as tears filled his eyes, Olek patted his shoulder and said to him, the radio still transmitting* "Some brother of yours... and for her too do it too... Traitors... Don't worry comrade..." *The radio fell silent once more*
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    Joseph Song Character Information Alias: Status: Alive Mentality: Superstitious Morale: High Date of birth: 11th October 1979 Place of birth: Volna, Ukraine Nationality: Ukrainian Ethnicity: Slavic Languages: English, Ukrainian Religion: Christian Family: Died in blast Description Height: 6"1 Weight: 77Kg Build: Regular Hair: Light brown hair, long beard Eyes: Blue Alignment: Nuetral Features: A few traditional tattoos Equipment: Rifle Medicine man suit Non-Game Items: Pouches of herbs Affiliation Полювання Background Vadim was born in a small town called Volna and grew up a farmer with his father, who was a medicine man before him, He learnt his father's way and was taught about ancient folklore about monsters and spirits until his death and took over the farm. His family were well know in the area for being superstitious and he grew up mainly confiding in his father. He never left Volna until after the war, when he had to hide from the Russian threat. The bombs dropped and he somehow survived , fleeing North to Esseker. He wandered the forests minding his own business, the monsters he had been taught about real as ever. He heard of another like him in the area, and set out on his search.
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    *Scratches Ryan's name on the car bomb hood* Oh well... Lookin good by the way :)
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    admin whiskey is no longer admin sorry guys the minecraft server got stoel and i was un-opped minecraft admin whiskey signing off (they took my nana hostage too) ok
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    [Leroy Sinclair] [Bubbles] Character Information Alias: Chief Status: Alive Mentality: Slow Morale: High-Just dont give a fuck Date of birth: 1970 Place of birth: North West Coast of Canada Nationality: Canadian Ethnicity: First Nation Languages: Me'te/English Religion: ... Height: 6'1 Weight:210 Build:Stocky Hair:Brown Eyes:Brown Features: Wrinkly Face Equipment: Tomahawk Affiliation:None Background -Backstory WIP-
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    Meeting the NRC Infiltrating their ranks (real Mobius hours)
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    you were honestly ne of the best people i new
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    This will be a really short and to the point guide. Basically this is surrounding your very first day in the community. Hopefully you are a registered member to this account and have made an account on the forums. Here are your next few steps to help you get access to our servers as fast as possible. Link Your Steam Account To Your Profile To be able to connect to our servers you MUST have your Steam Account linked to your forum profile on the Existence website. To complete this task follow the next few instructions. At the top of the site you will see your own name with an arrow pointing down click that. Maneuver over to Account Settings. Click on Steam Sign in with your Steam Account Information Read Our Rules And Lore Existence RP has a customized set of rules and our very own self written lore. It is best to get familiar with both of these. It will aid in your roleplay as well as keep you from getting any rulebreak bans or points in the future. Our whitelist also consists of questions from both of these categories. Apply For Whitelist At the top of the site you will see a tab listed whitelisting. Here is where you will find your whitelist application. Click on this tab to be taken to a Google form. Answer all questions to your ability and submit it. A member of staff will review this application and you will be notified whether you have passed or failed. If you have failed you can always redo the form to reapply. All community members MUST be whitelisted to play on our servers. Create A Character Page On the main forum page you will see a forum category called Lore and Stories there is a sub forum beneath it named Character Bios. Here is where you will post your very first character page. There is also a template to help you structure the thread correctly and contain all necessary information. Remember, all players must have a character page with a story to play on the server. Your first character does NOT have to match the one you used for your whitelist application. Join Our Teamspeak Along with a customized Arma 3 server Existence RP also offers a personal Teamspeak server as well. Connect to ts3.existencerp.com and there you will see a list of public channels you can access to meet other community members. There are also help channels where staff can answer questions you may have about the community. All users while playing on our servers must be in our Teamspeak because Task Force Radio is the main VOIP program used within the server. Download Our Modpack Existence RP uses Desolation Redux as well as many other mods to add features into Arma 3. Our modpack is hosted through the steam workshop which allows for easy downloading for all of our community members. Our modpack can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=963657543 Ask Questions And Contribute! On our forums there are plenty of places for all of you to ask questions that other community members can answer. If at any time you dont know what to do ask away! We are all happy to help! Hopefully this helps in any way it can. Once again if you have any other questions feel free to join the Teamspeak helpdesk and talk to a member of staff.