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  2. Will do
  3. Do one on Adam Foulke
  4. Today
  5. I miss you bb


    1. Cipher


      Mack James and Miller Thompson

      Frenemies to the end 

  6. Because looking at most of the NRC ingame now almost all of them have the mentality of "I'm just a Pvt, they dont tell me anything." On top of that low ranks will not have access to a huge database when ever they want.
  7. Alright
  8. I don't know about that... why wouldn't the NRC inform their troops about known criminals? Looks dope as hell though, I might make one of these sorta things.
  9. The first one is Rabbit, I'm doing these on anyone that wants them.
  10. What is next? A Scottish man? A viking? We got to find a Russian with Vodka! and @FlyboyMSB563 learn to drive. I jumped off mine before it blew and walked away from it ;p
  11. @Ryan First I blow up @Riggsee bike and then you run me over
  12. Okay
  13. I see
  14. Tried a Native American and the Irish and lost both times, sounds like me irl tbh Nah I think running over @FlyboyMSB563 was when I realised
  15. Wait is this rabbit or Liam? I'm confused
  16. I'm alive, busy as fuck.

    Question is, is the server still alive, i.e is there a point in playing or will it be dead tomorrow

    1. Deputy


      There's a point in playing, it's just that everyone gets on at like midnight UK time

    2. Lyaria


      We actually got on fairly early yesterday for once. Was nice :)

  17. I told you
  18. Updated the graphics and backstory a bit.
  19. Why is the metal scene in Aussie land sooooo good fuuuuuuuuuuuuck


  20. Ly is cheating on you lmao

    1. Lyaria


      I would never!

      *Hides SC logs*

  21. Note: This is not a means for any member for the NRC to metagame information of those on the file. It's mostly only higher ranks within the NRC that would have access to this file when they please. I'm going to be doing these to expand the universe between peoples characters IG and the lore faction known as the NRC. I'll be making more of these in time, if you want you're own done PM me with details.
  22. @Velgrudo MY BOOOOOOO BERRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Mhmm
  24. It took only a bite to the nose
  25. Hmm hmm
  26. Yo flyboy load the Female heads you twat. I look like a man!
  27. [Chris "BUBBLE'S Henry] [Bubble's] Character Information Alias:Bubble's Status:Alive Mentality:Easily Angered/Very Friendly (Somewhat BI-POLAR) Morale:Very High Date of birth: 1980 Place of birth:Canada,Bc Nationality:Canadian Ethnicity:White Languages:English Religion:Christian Description Height:5'11 Weight: 235 Build: Bulky Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Features: BIG Glasses/Goggles Equipment: Med Supplys Affiliation: Ravenwood Background Chris Henry, His company called him Bubbles since he always wore Combat Goggles that made him look like Bubbles from trailer park boys. Long before the akula outbreak Chris was a Registered Nurse, He made a good living, Even had a nice Car. But a person can only handle so much of a stale lifestyle even if the money is good.Chris eventually got hired on by private military as a combat medic. 2 tours to Iraq and 1 to Pakistan doing variety of missions. Some combat some simple escorts to rich people.Eventually the Russians dropped the Akula Virus and rich family’s in the ukraine were looking for protection, Money wasn’t a issue to them. Chris traveled to the Ukraine with his company doing simple protection bunkered down in big compounds but it wasn’t long till government collapse came.Currency no longer existed, It was survival of the fittest.
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